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Member of the Military Commission 5+5: Libyans will not engage in a new war, commission neutral and with a mission to preserve Libya’s unity.

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 London 29 November 2021 (Lana) A member of the Joint Military Commission 5+5 Lt. Gen. Mraji Al-Amami confirmed that the strength and impartiality of the members of the committee makes immune to political or electoral conflicts.

 "The committee, which has the support of the Libyan people and the international community, is primarily concerned with the unity and security of the country, and we have a great awareness of the seriousness of the current phase," al-Amami said in an interview with the Saudi daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat in London on Monday.

Al-Amami reiterated committee's insistence on removing mercenaries and all foreign forces from Libya, to strengthen the country's sovereignty: "We are determined to withdraw all the forces from our country, and we have upcoming encounters with both Moscow and Ankara to withdraw (mercenaries) Syrians and Wagner, but for the time being there are requirements that these groups withdraw simultaneously and gradually, so that there is no gap in the military balance."