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HNEC President discuss with National Security Adviser how to ensure non- breach of elections.

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Tripoli, 25 November 2021 (Lana) The President of the High National Elections Commission Imad Al-Sayeh received on Thursday with the Libyan National Security Adviser Ibrahim Bushnaf how to ensure that the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections will not be breached.

The meeting reviewed developments in the electoral process, preparations for the next phase, in addition to the mechanisms for the participation of local observers in monitoring of the elections.

Bushnaf affirmed his support for the High National Election Commission, to ensure the success of the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for December 24, praising its efforts in preparing for these elections.

The two parties agreed that the commission would receive observers at the polling stations through the National Security Council, in order to ensure that there were no violations in the electoral process, and to ensure its success.

The meeting tackled a number of legal and objective issues related to the conduct of the electoral process and the key difficulties it faces, in addition to ensuring that its results would be accpeted by all parties, whoever wins it.