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In a message of reassurance: Al Dbeiba Addresses Libyans in General and People of Cyrenaica in Particular, Clarifying Number of Facts that the National Unity Government is the Government of all Libyans.

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Tripoli, 26 October 2021 (Lana) The Libyan News Agency has learned that the Head of the National Unity Government Abdul Hamid Al Dbeiba and some Cabinet Ministers will address tonight at 21 pm local time, a speech to the people of Cyrenaica.

 The official spokesman for the Government of National Unity, Mohamed Hammouda told Lana speech of the Prime Minister is a message of reassurance to all Libyans in general and to the brothers in the eastern region in particular, that Libya is one, that Cyrenaica is an integral part of the country, and that the National Unity Government is a government for all Libyans, East, West and South, and it is responsible for providing all support, assistance, and services to every Libyan wherever they are, at home or abroad, and that it will not differentiate between one Libyan and another, and that they are equal in rights and duties.

Hammouda also stressed that this speech would clarify many facts for all Libyans, to refute all fabrications and allegations that some promote with the aim of undermining the government and sowing seeds of discord and division among Libyans with false claims that are based on lies and exposed to Libyan citizens.

   The Prime Minister and the ministers, according to the same source will also put before the Libyans government’s projects and programs for development and provision of services within the ‘Return of Life Program’, which includes all Libyan regions and cities without exception or marginalization, as some of the rumor mongers claim.

The official spokesman for the government clarified to Lana that the prime minister’s message will come during his meeting with a number of ministers and executive bodies in order to set the record straight, that whoever promotes the notion of regional conflict between East and the West is not true. Rather, there is a group that is spreading these rumors for the sake of narrow interests.

Hammouda indicated that the aim of this meeting, which Libyans will follow tonight, is to respond to the allegations accusing the Government of National Unity of marginalizing of the eastern region, by reviewing the eastern region’s share of positions in the government, embassies, investment institutions, oil-affiliated institutions and candidates for education abroad, in addition to its share in the projects of the ‘Return to Life Program’ and the financial values allocated to the projects in the transportation, housing and reconstruction sectors, and the Administrative Buildings Development Authority.

The Government spokesman concluded his statement to the Libyan News Agency by clarifying that this meeting comes out of need and necessity to respond and is not intended by the Government as an act of favour or to boost on our people anywhere in Libya.