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HNEC announces press conference for Sunday to review latest developments in electoral process.

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Tripoli, 24 October, 2021 (Lana) - The High National Electoral Commission (HNEC) announced that it will hold a press conference, Sunday, October 24, 2021, during which it will discuss the latest developments in the field of electoral processes and the measures it has taken to ensure its commitment and pledged towards implementing free, fair and credible elections that fulfill the will and hopes of the Libyans.

In a statement, the Commission called on all media outlets and journalists to attend this conference, which will be held at 12 noon at the Commission's media center located in Sidi Al-Masry in the capital, Tripoli. The Commission expressed its aspiration for free, patriotic and meaningful media support, with the true aim of which the Libyans are awaiting on December 24 to illuminate their path towards building a civil state and establishing the rules of democracy, stressing that no voice is louder than the voice of the nation, and no word is stronger than the words of its people.

 The statement indicated that this step comes within the framework of its preparations to implement the benefits of December 24, 2021, and in order to achieve the principle of transparency in its implementation of electoral processes and to inform the Libyan people in general and the media in particular with the developments of their implementation of legislation and laws in the matter of electing the head of state and the House of Representatives.