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Prime Minister on Attending Review of Interior Ministry’s plan to secure the elections: We Depend on you for Enforcement of Law and Order and Protecting Citizens.

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Tripoli, 23 October 2021 (Lana) The Head of the Government of National Unity Abdul Hamid Al Dbeiba saluted the leaders and personnel of the Ministry of Interior throughout the country, renewing congratulations on the 67th anniversary of Police Day, and calling on them to continue working to protect the homeland and the citizens.

In his speech today, while attending the opening of the first meeting of the leaders of the Ministry of Interior from various regions of the country, he said, "We in Libya depend on you to preserve law and order and to protect the citizens. Your strength and prestige are of the prestige of the state, and we pledge to support you and provide the incentives which you deserve to carry out your duties.

"We are counting on you to execute your plan to secure the elections so that the national entitlement is embodied through your participation from all parts of the country, as long as we prayed to God to reunite us, and for your motto to be always loyalty to God first and then the country, and you put the interests of Libya above all considerations, he added,

The Prime Minister stressed that this forum embodies national unity in practice, where the watchful eyes meet from all parts of the country, united by one goal, which is to preserve the security of Libya, its residents and their property, at a promising beginning for the future.

In his speech, Dabaiba reiterated keenness of his government to activate Law No. 4 to include all elements working in the police force, as well as paying attention to police colleges, which are the important source for providing the Ministry of Interior with qualified personnel, providing them with capabilities, and training their personnel to raise efficiency and support security directorates.