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Head of GNU Attends Event for Launch of National Project for Rehabilitation and Integration, Congratulates Libyan people on 10th anniversary of Liberation Declaration.

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Tripoli, 23 October 2021 (Lana) The Head of Government of National Unity Abdul Hamid Al Dbeiba offered his congratulations to the Libyan people on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the liberation declaration, and to all those who contributed to its success, and to enable it to achieve its goals.

In a speech he delivered at an event for the launch of the national project for rehabilitation and reintegration held by the Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation on Saturday, under the slogan “with rehabilitation and work, we contribute to the return of life, the Prime Minister said ‘we extend congratulations,  on the 10 th anniversary of the liberation declaration, as we celebrate the memory of martyrs and the will of this heroic people, who had to endure difficulties along the past years, as well as for all those who contributed to the success of the February Revolution and worked with dedication to achieve its goals.

In his speech, Dabaiba pointed out that the current stage requires all of us to switch to construction and renounce war, in order to make a better future, saying the homeland deserves sacrifice and progress, to ensure a better future for present and future generations.

The Prime Minister said ‘the integration file will receive due attention from the government, its ministries and institutions, and we will create all conditions for it to succeed, by integrating those heroes from all parts of Libya and providing them with scientific, professional and career programs in an ambitious program that would take them away from the specter of war, and through which we assure that the youth are ready to contribute to building the country in accordance with a well-prepared plan.

Debbieh addressed the youth by saying, "You the young men and women, the provisions and pillars of progress of this country ...You are our hope for a bright future. You will participate in the reconstruction process in this country, and we, after God, depend on you. You join us in the work and you are able to do it. We are proud of you.’

Dabaiba concluded his speech by saying, "we will make it illegal for a Libyan to fight fellow Libyan, and Libya is one.’

  The project includes programs and plans with all ministries and institutions engaged with the aim of rehabilitating and reintegrating young men and women in all cities across Libya, within the plan of the Government of National Unity

It also includes the creation of youth programs aimed at enhancing the capabilities of individuals, and creating a healthy environment for them, to guarantee the right to join and engage in the activities and institutions of society again, and to achieve unity, organization, interdependence and progress.