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Vice Presidential Council (Abdullah Allafi) and (Musa Al-Koni) meet the president and members of the Tarhuna Victims Association, and confirm that the Council will follow up with the government everything related to this file.

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Tripoli, October 11, 2021 (LANA) - The Vice Presidential Council, "Abdullah Allafi" and "Musa Al-Koni" met the president and members of the Association of Tarhuna Victims, in the presence of the city's parliament member, "Abu Bakr Ahmed Saeed" and the Minister of Justice in the Government of National Unity, Halima Ibrahim, and the mayor of the municipality, Muhammad Al-Kashher.

 The meeting discussed the file of mass graves, issues of missing persons in the city, demonstrating the difficulties facing the identification teams, expediting the disclosure of the fate of the missing, and taking legal measures against the perpetrators.

 The members of the association demanded to quickly know the identity of the bodies that were extracted from the mass graves, and the fate of the missing residents of the city, as well as to start the procedures for prosecuting those accused of committing the murders, and to work on issuing local and international arrest warrants against them, including the victims among the martyrs of duty, and reparation for the damage of the families, And the establishment of a psychological support center in the city.

 The two deputies of the Presidential Council considered that the crimes committed against the city and its people are unprecedented and rise to the level of crimes against humanity, stressing that the Council will follow up with the government and the relevant executive authorities everything related to this file, and the problems that accompanied it during the last period, stressing the importance of coordination between Forensic medicine, and the Search and Identification of Missing Persons, to contribute to reaching results that serve this case, and as soon as possible.

 The two deputies also confirmed that the Presidential Council will follow up in this regard the results and recommendations of the work of the committee formed by the government in its decision No. (24), by working with it to implement all the entitlements that contribute to overcoming difficulties, and assisting the search and identification teams for the bodies, as well as communicating with the Attorney General. And the Military Prosecutor General in this regard, and the use of international expertise, in the field of exhuming and identifying bodies.

 For her part, the Minister of Justice explained that the Forensic Medicine Department has done a great job during the last period, and succeeded in identifying a number of bodies, stressing that coordination in this file with the Commission for the Identification of Bodies and Missing Persons will make it more professional and successful, and that the increase of forensic teams, As well as the number of designees from the Public Prosecution, will speed up the completion of this file.