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The New York Times: A local Libyan partnership with America contributed to the uprooting of ISIS from Sirte.

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Washington, September 18, 2021  (LANA) - The American newspaper, "The New York Times", said that the American forces participated in the fight against the "Islamic State" organization "ISIS", either directly or through proxies in 12 countries, including Iraq, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan.

As for the depth of the African desert, the newspaper reported that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) worked to expand a secret base deep in this desert, where it operates flights for drones to monitor Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Libya, as well as extremists in Niger, Chad and Mali.

And the newspaper added in a report entitled (After 20 years, the war on terrorism continues with no end in sight), that Washington was able to establish fruitful partnerships with local partners in Libya, which led to the uprooting of ISIS fighters from their base in the city of Sirte.