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Al Koni Mourns Late Algerian President Bouteflika.

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Tripoli, 18 September 2021(Lana) Deputy President of Presidency Council Musa Al Koni has offered his condolences for death of the late Former Algerian President Abdul Aziz Bouteflika who passed away on Saturday.

Al Koni paid tribute to the wisdom of the late president, whom he likened to the late Tunisian President Bourgaiba. They deserved to be regarded as models of wise leaders had it not for their cling to power, Al Koni said.

Al Koni mourned Boutiflika in a tweet saying ‘he passed away silently, leaving behind, for his fellow Algerians, a legacy of harmony and national unity.. He was accredited for getting Algeria out of a decade of division and infighting. We offer our condolences to Algeria and to ourselves as well.