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Al-Koni agrees with President Tebboune to mark the celebration of the Battle of Essyene as a joint Libyan-Algerian event.

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Algeria, September 17, 2021 (LANA) - Representative in the Presidential Council, "Moussa El-Koni" and Algerian President, "Abdel Majid Tebboune" agreed to mark the commemoration of the historic battle of Essyene as a joint Libyan-Algerian national event, and an important station in the history of deep-rooted bilateral relations that highlighted the value of cohesion and the mixing of blood between the two brotherly peoples in Libya and Algeria.

Deputy "Al-Koni" and President "Tebboune" decided during their meeting yesterday, Thursday in the Algerian capital, to register the date of the commemoration of the Battle of Essyene as a joint Libyan-Algerian event that trusted the joint jihadist epic on October 4, 1957.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that this joint jihadist battle against French colonialism, which will mark its 64th anniversary on the 4th of next October, is a historical event that embodies par excellence the meaning of one destiny, solidarity, cohesion and strategic integration between the two neighboring countries and the two brotherly peoples in Libya and Algeria.

The celebration of this anniversary comes every year to remind the generations in Libya and Algeria of a common jihadist epic against colonialism in which the pure blood between the two peoples was mixed, and in remembrance of the sacrifices of the ancestors for the sake of the homeland in the two countries.

 The Battle of Essyene took place on October 4, 1957 in the village of Essyene in the south of the Libyan town of Ghat, when it began with an agreement between the Libyan and Algerian Mujahedeen to ambush a French supply convoy and burn it in the Algerian city of Djanet, and then withdraw to Libyan territory, so the French occupation army pursued them inside Libyan soil, and bombing the border village of Essyene between Algeria and Libya with planes in response to the operation carried out by the Algerian Mujahedeen from Libyan lands, and France accused Libya of supporting Algeria, and as a result of that, the Essyene battle took place between the Libyans and the French army.

The Algerian historian, "Mohamed Al-Arabi Al-Zubayri" says that the battle of the village of Essyene in southwest Libya on the border with Algeria opened the door to the struggle against the French colonialists in southeast Algeria and contributed to breaking the siege on the north after the fighting intensified.

For his part, Professor of History at the University of Tipaza, Mohamed Mawdoo’ - as published in the Algerian newspaper Al-Shaab on 02-10-2019 - praised the positive role played by the Libyan people in embracing the glorious revolution.