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Head of Presidency Council on Reflects on Legacy of Martyr Omar Al Mukhtar.

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Tripoli, 16 September 2021(Lana) President of Presidency Council Mohamed Al Mnefi said the ‘Sheikh of Martyrs’ Omar Al Mukhtar was a symbol of resistance and inspirer of its champions across the homeland, he resisted the Italian occupation for more than 20 years, taught them a lesson in fighting for the defense of land and honour.

In remarks on the Martyr’s Day, the anniversary of the execution of the Libyan leader of resistance against the Italian occupation by the Italian forces, Al Mnefi said the strength of Omar Al Mukhtar was manifest, not only on the horseback in the fight against the colonialists, but also as he stood before the judges in the summary trial set up by the colonialists who failed to break the resistance after executing the Sheikh in the town of Sulug on September 26, 1931, the scale of resistance increased, and Omar was replaced by a thousand Omar until the occupation was finally defeated and expelled from the country.

Al Mnefi said there were lessons to be drawn from the legacy of Omar Al Mukhtar if we are serious about getting our country out of its crisis, that Al Mukhtar fought the occupation along with his companions who came from all over Libya, with one goal, the liberation of homeland not for an individual, tribe or a city, their weapons were pointed at their emeries not at the chests of their brethren.

Today we can remember the Sheikh of resistance, and draw on form his noble legacy, love and compassion for this land, its integrity and the blood flowing in our arteries will not be spilled out on the dilapidated gallows, but rather it will remain flowing forever.