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Tunisian president gives instructions to reopen his country's border crossings with Libya.

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Tunisia, 16 September, 2021 (Lana) - Tunisian President Kais Saied instructed to reopen his country's border crossings with Libya, starting from seven in the morning, Friday, according to a statement by the Presidency of the Tunisian Republic. This came during President Kais Saied's reception this Thursday morning, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Tunisians Abroad, Othman Al-Jarandi and "Rida Gharslawi in charge of running the Ministry of the Interior, and "Ali Merabet" in charge of running the Ministry of Health. The statement said that following President Kais Saied’s briefing on the results of the meetings of the Tunisian-Libyan joint security and health ministerial committees that took place yesterday, Wednesday, on the island of Djerba, he instructed to reopen the border crossings with the sister country of Libya starting on Friday, September 17, 2021 at seven in the morning. According to the statement, the President of "Said" stressed, in this context, the need to fully comply with the agreed upon health protocol, stressing that this protocol is subject to review in light of the development of the health situation in the two countries and that any breach of its requirements may result in a reconsideration of the decision to reconsider. Open border crossings.

The statement indicated that in order to strengthen the relations of brotherhood and synergy between the two countries, the Head of State authorized, in coordination with the Libyan authorities, to focus health teams for vaccination against the Coronavirus at border crossings, and to organize intensive vaccination days at the headquarters of Tunisian diplomatic and consular missions in Libya. (and)