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Human rights organizations express concern over escalation of phenomenon of child labor in Libya.

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 Tripoli, 12 September, 2021 (Lana) - The Office of Women and Child Affairs of the National Human Rights Committee in Libya expressed its deep concern over the escalation of the phenomenon of child labor and its increase throughout the country. In a statement published on the official page of the National Human Rights Committee in Libya on Facebook the office stressed that the high indicators of child labor and exploitation in the Libyan market pose a great danger to the environment and life of the child, as child labor is linked to the type and level of education prevailing, the level of per capita income and poverty. The deterioration of the humanitarian and living conditions of the family, armed conflicts and civil wars. The statement called on all the competent parties and the responsible authorities in Libya to work to combat child labour, consider the best interest of the child above all considerations, and provide the appropriate environment and protection for children not to be affected by the consequences of the armed conflict and the humanitarian and economic crisis that the country is going through, including protecting it from the effects of the spread of the Corona virus and not being affected by it. Depriving them of their basic rights, including health, education and food. The Committee also renewed its commitment to all human rights, particularly the rights of children, and in particular to the suffering of children in areas of conflict and turmoil in Libya, calling on international, regional and national organizations to shed light on this phenomenon and adopt strategies that work to eliminate it in order to protect children from violations and exploitation. It also called for tightening control over places where child labor is concentrated, implementing laws prohibiting child labor, and setting deterrent penalties against violators, in addition to activating awareness and educational campaigns about the negative effects of child labor in schools and families.