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Arrest of perpetrator of detaining and torturing Egyptian immigrants.

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Tripoli, 12 September, 2021 (Lana) - The Public Prosecutor's Office announced the arrest of the perpetrator of the incident of detaining and torturing a number of Egyptian immigrants, known on social media as "Al-Hajj Hakim", without specifying his nationality.

The office said in a statement that against the background of the detention of of a number of immigrants holding Egyptian citizenship and the infliction of forms of torture on them, including humiliating treatment to force their families to pay ransom under the pressure of watching video recordings documenting scenes of torture, the Public Prosecutor directed the Information and Communications Technology Unit directly Conduct a search for the perpetrators of the incident.

The statement indicated that after the instructions were issued, personnal of the Information and Communications Technology Unit - in the Attorney General's Office - in cooperation with the Western Border Region Investigations Office, identified the perpetrator of the incident, known on social media as "Hajj Hakim", and they later tracked and monitored him until his arrest.

The statement further explained that as soon as the arresting authority finished conducting investigations and heard the statements of the accused, the Al-Ajilat Primary Prosecution began conducting his interrogation and proving the fact that he had committed the incident of detention and torture in order to obtain illicit benefits.

The investigation procedures also resulted in proving the fact that the accused was involved in the activity of criminal groups that organized illegal immigration and human trafficking across several countries, and that he had recently taken over the coordination of illegal immigration operations through the management of an organization operating under his control at home and linked with other networks operating for his interest in neighboring countries. The Public Prosecution ordered the pretrial detention of the accused, and to bring his accomplices in committing the acts attributed to him.