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Chairman of National Oil Corporation meets in Tripoli with mayors of oases municipalities.

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Tripoli, 6 September, 2021 (Lana) - The President of the National Oil Corporation, "Mustafa Sanalla," met Monday in the capital, Tripoli, with the mayors of the municipalities of the Al-Wahat region, "Jallo, Awglah, and Ajkhara" to discuss the files of sustainable development provided by the Corporation and community support projects. The meeting dealt with the consequences of the neighborly relationship between the oil fields and the oasis cities.

Mohammed Al-Majbari, one of Jallo’s notables, said after his participation in the meeting that it was agreed to solve any problems or obstacles in the way of production work in return for providing job opportunities and bypassing the bottlenecks facing the region.

The people of Al-Wahat region had expressed their great dissatisfaction with the oil pollution and its severe damage to the cities of the region. The reporter of the Libyan News Agency reported that the residents of the cities of "Jallo, Awjila and Ajkharah" woke up Monday morning to the smell of toxic gas emissions and unpleasant odors, due to the extraction of oil and gas and the burning of the accompanying materials and their release into the air, as they reached the neighboring neighborhoods. Lana reporter quoted the Scientific Environment Society in Jallo as saying that “these violations are not for the first time and were accompanied by filing cases to offer treatment and direct compensation from the oil companies to the affected citizens.