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Local News Editor: Opening of Coastal Highway Move to Bring together Never-separated Brothers.

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Tripoli, 31 July 2021(Lana) Lana’s local news editor has commented on news of opening of the coastal highway, linking Libya’s western region to the east, by saying before yesterday’s move, travelers between the two major cities in Libya Tripoli and Benghazi had to go an extra 700 km of rigid land to do business or to visit relatives or family members.

After the key coastal road has been re-opened a traveler now can set off from Tripoli at dawn, have breakfast in Misrata, lunch in Sirte, afternoon cup of coffee in Ajdabiya and dinner in Benghazi, the Commentator said, adding that  only the war and the rattle of machineguns had prevented Libyans from shoring up their social fiber which now they are able to do, after the will of passion and harmony has prevailed over that of death, evil and hate-mongers. Today the national popular  will has triumphed over the will of sedition and division, he said.

The event was historical by all means, though there are still important steps that have to be taken, and for patriotic leaders to work on; the retrieval of Libyan sovereign decision from the foreign powers, reconstruction, and building a real united democratic state, the commentator said.

The success of 5+5 Military Commission in reaching a ceasefire agreement, exchange of prisoners up to re-opening of the coastal highway and moving forward to enhance national sovereignty by getting all mercenaries and foreign forces out of Libya prove that the spirit of national reconciliation is sky- high and all Libyans are alongside of unity, togetherness and harmony, the Editor commented.