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Sun’Allah: NOC to File Lawsuit against UAE National Hind Al Gassemi the Monaco CC Forum.

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Tripoli, 23 July 2021(Lana) The National Oil Corporation Cahirman of the Board Mustafa Sun’Allah said the NOC was to file a lawsuit against Hind Al Gassemi and the Monaco CC Forum for accrediting her to participate in the conference without sanctioning from Libya.

The CC Forum on ‘Global Investment in Sustainable Development’ was held from 6-9 July in Monaco, France.

In a recorded message Sun’Allah said the NOC had no representation at the conference, indicating that right after the news came, the NOC liaised with CC Forum administration over the event, to seek clarification, whereby the Forum apologized saying the woman claimed she represented the NOC.

Sun’Allah explained the measures taken by NOC including dismissal of Al Gassemi’s representation, and said the NOC demanded that the Minister of Oil and Gas in the Government of National Unity liaise with authorities, both inside and outside Libya, with the aim of filing a lawsuit against the woman and the CC Forum which accredited her.

Al Gassemi’s claims that she spoke on behalf of the NOC does not relieve the Head of the Forum of his responsibility, for allowing this lady and giving her a platform to speak on behalf of the Corporation, Sun’Allah said.