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EU Dismiss Leaked Document over Planning to Send Military Forces to Libya.

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Brussels, 23 July 2021(Lana) The EU has dismissed, through the Diplomatic Committee and the Joint Defence and Foreign Ministry, claims that it planned to send military forces to Libya to back up the ceasefire there.

A spokeswoman for the EU Foreign Affairs Agency Nabila Misrali said ‘the EU is committed to continue to support Libya’s return to stability and peace, including through its civilian mission in Libya and military operation in the Mediterranean ‘Irini’.

The dismissal followed, according to ‘North Africa Post’ a report published on Monday by investigative media, which claimed that the EU was planning to send a military mission to Libya, to compete for influence with other foreign forces there.

The internal document dated July 1st, indicated that the peace process in Libya required disarming, demobilizing and integrating fighters on a wider scale, as well as reforming the entire security sector.

The document also said ‘there should be a reconsideration of the EU security policy and joint defense, so as not to leave the entire military activity field for third countries, and on the long run, and when conditions permit, there should be a consideration of a sanctioned military participation to support reform of the security sector in the military area.