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Government Spokesman: The Libyan-Tunisian relations are strong and historical, and the recent measures taken to close the border crossings came in order to protect citizens in both countries.

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Tripoli, 14 July, 2021 (Lana) - Spokesman for the Government of National Unity, Mohamed Hammouda, confirmed that the Libyan-Tunisian relations are solid and historical, and that the measures recently taken to close the border crossings between the two countries came in order to protect citizens in both countries, in addition to being an extension of the policy taken by the two countries. Tunisian government to lock some states in Tunisia.

In a joint press conference with the Minister of Health, Tuesday, on the measures taken by the government to evacuate Libyan citizens stranded in Tunisia and precautions to confront the new wave of the Corona virus, Hammouda stressed that the government has formed a committee of ministries and a number of competent authorities to facilitate the return of Libyan citizens according to studied and clear procedures.

In the press conference, Hammouda indicated that the procedures consisted in adopting some specialized centers to conduct analyzes for citizens before their return to Libya, in addition to allocating hotels in the cities of Djerba and Tunis to accommodate the stranded until they return to the country.

Hammouda explained that Libya imported during the past period about 800,000 doses of the anti-Corona vaccine, during which doctors, assistant doctors, workers in the health sector and the elderly were vaccinated, and that the state was waiting for the arrival of 500,000 doses of the Russian vaccine, which can be maintained at higher temperatures.

Hammouda revealed that the National Center for Disease Control is implementing a national campaign that begins next Thursday in the Sahel region to invite citizens and motivate them to receive vaccinations, noting that the targeted areas in the campaign in a first stage will be Misurata, Zliten, Al Khums and its visitors.

Hammouda called on citizens to adhere to the implementation of health instructions in public places and markets and to maintain social distancing in order to preserve their lives and the lives of others.