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Al-Kouni: I was proud to meet Kabir and Al-Habri as Governor and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Libya.

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Tripoli, July 08, 2021 (LANA) - Member of the Presidential Council, "Musa al-Kouni", expressed his feeling of pride in the agreement to unify the monetary authority in the country and in the meeting that brought together the head of the Central Bank of Libya and his deputy.

Al-Kouni considered that the agreement regarding the unification of the monetary authority is an entitlement towards the unification of all state institutions, an event in which we will turn the page of disagreement, and open a new page, to unite and pay attention to building the nation-nation.

A member of the presidential said in a tweet he posted on his personal page on Twitter (I was proud of Al Kabeer’s meeting with Al Hibri as governor and deputy governor of the Central Bank of Libya - I expressed my pride for that, and that with this event we turn the page of the dispute, and open a new page, for reunification, and attention to building the homeland - Nation).

It is noteworthy that the meeting today, Thursday, in the capital, Tripoli, between the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, "Siddiq Al-Kabeer" and his deputy, "Ali Al-Hibri," is the first meeting between the two personalities on Libyan soil since 2014.