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Attorney General: Problem of Libyan Judiciary is the Tools Executing ite Orders.

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Tripoli, 11 June 2021(Lana) The Attorney General Al Sidiq Al Sour underscored capability of the Libyan Judiciary to resolve all problems, expressing his commitment to its jurisdiction and non-reliance of the international judiciary.

In an interview with the Russian Sputnik news agency, Al Sour said the capability lies in the ability to move, to listen to witnesses and to issue arrest warrants, but said the problem was in the tools that are capable of executing the Judicial warrants.

‘There are dozens of arrest warrants issued by the office of the Attorney General and others to be put on vigil and international arrest warrants which had not been executed, the Attorney General said.

The House of Representatives voted on April 21 to assign Al Sour to the post of Attorney General with a majority of votes at a meeting held in Tobruk.