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Al-Koni says in his tweet: It is time to do justice to the south and champion its cause.

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Obari, 9 May, 2021 (Lana) - Member of the Presidential Council, "Musa Al-Koni" stressed that the time has come to do justice to his people in Fezzan from the cruelty of successive governments and to win them as a sign of pride and reverence for their dignity and their standing on the side of the united homeland.

Al-Koni conveyed in his tweet on Twitter that overshadowed by emotions but conveyed feelings of pride for the people of Fezzan despite their pain and suffering from the cruelty of nature and governments, and the distance from the center they adhere to a unified homeland and their protection as a safety valve for the unity and cohesion of the Libyan nation.

Al-Koni said in his tweet that (between pain and pride, feelings are confused in Fezzan, which, despite the nature and the cruelty of governments, and the distance from the center, they champion the cause of homeland - and they remained patient, and persevered, and unified for the nation and acting as a safety valve -. In Fezzan, the time has come to do justice to the south and to champion their cause, with pride, reverence, and commitment.

The people and residents of the southern region, with all their cultural and social components, are looking forward with optimism and hope that the visit of the Presidential Council member, "Musa Al-Koni", as he is from the region who has accurate knowledge of its conditions, needs and requirements, and its concerns, especially security and social issues, with a new vision of the state and its institutions concerned with the Libyan south and the suffering of its residents and the solution to their chronic problems since ages.

 Observers believe that this visit by a member of the Presidential Council for the southern region at this particular time and in light of the current conditions in which the Libyan south is living, which coincides with intensive visits by members and officials of the National Unity Government, shows that the new executive authorities have realized what the south of Libya represents. For many years it suffers from neglect, marginalization and ignorance of the importance of the issue of national and national security for the unified state of Libya, especially in light of the current conditions that the country is experiencing, as well as the security and military turmoil in the region, which makes the southern region vulnerable to external dangers and threats, thus the entire national security issue of Libya is in danger.