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International Affairs Editor of the Libyan News Agency: Can America Restore its Democratic Reputation?

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Tripoli, 17 January 2021 (Lana) - Many questions are posed by politicians and analysts in America as well as globally, foremost whether America can restore its democratic reputation, which has been cracked after President Trump's supporters stormed the Congress building in a scene, which will remain for years to come, vivid in the memory and mindset of the American people and globally.  

However, can the President-elect Biden, in the first 100 days of his term, repair the rift that has befallen, over the past years, the democratic values and institutions that took decades to build and implement. These and other questions are not only raised and analyzed by political and economic veterans and constitutional scholars in the world, but have become a source of controversy and talk even among American ordinary circles. No American whether that voted to Jeo Biden or to Donald Trump or even standing neutral doesn’t express fear about the future, and what the coming days will entail, which will put the US political, constitutional systems and indeed the US values of democracy and human rights – that the US for decades brags about and uses as carrot and stick against global dictatorial regimes- to the test.

Dazzled by the presidency glare and the global super power, since entering the White House four years ago, Trump has embarked on a course unprecedented for US and international institutions, research centres and media which he has been hostile to, and for which he coining the term ‘fake media’.

Observers of American and international affairs and their ideological affiliates are suspicious of the ability of President Elect, Jeo Biden and his administration to achieve a sweeping success, for the enormous legacy that he inherited, and since construction needs years or decades to accomplish, while destruction takes only a little time !! This has been proven through the steps that Trump has pursued since assuming the US Presidency, and his focus on devising a discourse described in the media as (populist), by appealing to right-wing fanatics to exclude non-Americans, and surrounding America with a wall of separation that prevents those wishing to visit it, especially from the citizens of Muslim countries, including Libya, from entering it even if their procedures were in accordance with the law.

What happened on January 6, and Trump's ‘inciting the right-wing’, in his opponents' words, to attack and storm the Capitol, was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and it was the result of what began to be known as the “Trumpian phenomenon,” which was manifested in the desires and decisions of President Trump reminiscent of the attitude of the Pharaoh or rulers of third world countries who do not want their subjects to see except what they see. Since July 2020, he announced that the elections will be forged, and that the Democrats will steal them even before they start, or is it the fig’s leaf that exposed the American system, and revealed its flaws, that prompts according to some American constitutional jurists, the inevitability of reconsidering the constitutional principles that were laid down centuries ago and have become out of date and the need arise to rectify the constitutional lapses that Trump exploited and may be exploited by others after him.