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Williams Optimistic About Ceasefire in Libya.

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Cairo, 31 August 2020(Lana) UN Acting Special Envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams has expressed optimism about chances of a ceasefire in Libya, but warned that the window would not remain open indefinitely. Williams called for Libya to be made a Libyan issue, after it becoming an international one, and for all efforts to be put together to reach a comprehensive political solution. 'We can be optimistic that a window has been opened, but it won't be open indefinitely, the UN Envoy said, stressing talks between the political parties should be comprehensive and including civil society organisations, women and tribes. Williams statement followed a meeting she had with Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Abourita on Saturday. Abourita said declaring Sirte and Jufra demilitarized zones was important for resolving the crisis. =Lana=