Work Resumes at Al-Irada and Sahel Gas Fields .

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2015-05-03 20:25:00

Tripoli : 03. 5. 2015 - Lana - Work resumed Sunday morning at the Gas Fields of Al-Irada and Sahel in eastern Libya , as well as Sirte Oil and Gas Production Company which runs the two fields after tens of thousands of citizens ended their sit-in demanding to be employed as guards of oil installations at these two fields . Official spokesman for National Oil Corporation Mr. '' Mohamed Al-Harari '' has confirmed the resumption of work at these fields after being shut off by protestors last Wednesday demanding employment at these fields as guards . Mr. '' Al-Harari '' indicated that '' Al-Wafa '' gas field in western Libya is working normally despite threats to close it by a group of protestors demanding to employ ( 150 ) persons as part of Oil Fields Guard . It is to be noted that the two gas fields of Al-Irada and Sahel produce ( 150 ) million square feet per day of natural gas , while Al-Wafa Field produces about ( 100 ) million square meters daily . = Lana =