Communication with Libyan embassy in Rome to take necessary measures concerning Italian fishing boat.

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2015-04-18 19:02:00

Misurata, 18.04.2015(Lana) Ramadan Maitieg, Director of General Liaison and Information Office of the Misurata Municipal Council, emphasized that the delegation participating in the Morocco dialogue was informed about the piracy of the one of the Libyan coast guard boats buy Italian navy as the Italian ambassador is in Libya. "One of the members of the delegation contacted the Libyan embassy in Rome to take the necessary actions in this regard, Maitieg told Lana. Rida Issa, Commander of the Central Sector of the Coast Guard said the coast guard arrested an Italian fishing boat in Libyan territorial waters on Friday, and while going to the headquarters, an Italian battleship entered Libyan territorial waters to help the fishing boat escape with a coast guard member on board. = Lana =