Coast Guard at Al Hmeidiyah Rescue 138 Including 27 Women and Two Children.

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2016-07-21 19:53:00

Tripoli, 21 July 2016(Lana) The coast guard elements at Hmeidiyah, west of Tripoli have rescued 138 migrants Including 27 Women and Two Children. The coast guard men at Al Hmeidiyah point in the Tripoli sector who were on patrol to the east when at 5.00 local time discovered a boat carrying illegal migrants which was taking water, 138 would be migrants were on board including 27 women and 2 children, the official spokesman of the Navy Forces Ayub Gassem told the Libyan news agency. Gassem said the boat people who belonged to different African nationalities were taken Al Hmeidiyah Sea point. The Libyan Red Crescent workers offered them assistance and medical treatment, he said. He appealed to the authorities to support the anti-migration bodies to carry out their duties by providing detention centres and other logistical facilities. =Lana=