Lana Political Editor: Can Berlin 2 Bring Positive Results in Terms of Restoring National Sovereignty and Libyan Decision.

Published On(2021-06-22 19:34:19)

Tripoli, 22 June 2021(Lana) The eyes of Libyans, females and males, are on the Berlin capital which is hosting the Berlin 2 Conference aimed at pushing for a solution to the Libyan political problem.

The Libyan delegation is led by the Head of the Government of National Unity Abdul Hamid Al Dbeiba, as one authority with one political vision regarding the new authority’s approach to issues of stability, unifying of institutions and national reconciliation.

Lana political editor commented on the Berlin 2 aspirations by saying the man on the street and well as the political, cultural and media elite look forward for positive outcome from the conference for the people of Libya for two main reasons, first; is unlike other international conferences Libya is taking part in this event as an official delegation and with a vision that’s based on restoring Libya’s sovereign decision and withdrawal of foreign fighters and mercenaries.

The second is that Berlin 2 is twine of Berlin 1 (19 January 2020) which stabilized, despite all skeptics, the ceasefire and led to establishment of new executive authority. These two reasons constitute a push to get Libya out of its crisis.

The Editor exalted Libyan Libyan negotiators to entrench the concept of unity of homeland, national sovereignty and to confront all those who seek to serve their own ends at the expense of the Libyan people.

He warned against attempts by some countries to taking part in the Berlin 2 Conference and intervening in the Libyan business, to devise solution that suit their own interests.

The Editor concluded by saying participation of the Libyan authority for the first time in the works of the Berlin 2 Conference should reflect the real and urgent demands of all the political spectrum in Libya and also the demands of the Libyan people for restoration of the Libyan decision and the Libyan sovereignty and this can only be achieved by withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries from Libyan soil without delay and a rejection of all forms of foreign interventions in Libyan internal affairs.