Lana Administration Committee Convenes Meeting via Zoom.

Published On(2021-06-20 18:58:40)

Tripoli, 20 June 2021(Lana) The Libyan News Agency on Sunday convened a meeting via zoom video conferencing, with its branch in Benghazi to discuss recent measures taken by the Government to unify the agency and to make it more credible and professional.

The meeting brought together the Chairman of the Administration Committee Abdul Baset Abu Diyah, the General Director Ibrahim Hadiya as well as, the chief Editor, Editors of domestic and international news and heads of departments.

The meeting focused on needs of the agency and its branches and bureaus, to carry out its work as a national agency, and its relationship with the state institutions.

A number of heads of departments have expressed their satisfaction for the get-together, and appreciation of the discussion, as well as the effort of Lana personnel and the overall work of the agency.

The participants called on the competent authorities to give due attention to this long-established agency, which was set up in 1964, saying they would work tirelessly to provide the information services that serve the national cause of our country at this pivotal period.