US Embassy Supports Re-opening of Coastal Highway.

Published On(2021-06-20 16:28:17)

Tripoli, 20 June 2021(Lana) Soon as the Libya media circulated the tweet of the Head of the Government of National Unity on Sunday in which he said: ‘Re-opening of the coastal highway as part of effort of 5+5 Committee ...together we will work for the wellbeing and prosperity of this nation, and we will put behind the suffering of the past for the sake of reconstruction, stability and unity, the US Embassy tweeted:

‘The opening of the coastal road is significant and comes as the international community prepares to meet in Berlin. Libyans and foreign powers alike should focus on encouraging stability through acts like allowing this road to remain open and paving the path for Libyans to have full control over their own affairs, including elections in December.’