Ministry of Economy and Trade discusses targeted files during the meeting of the Libyan-Egyptian Higher Committee.

Published On(2021-06-14 15:59:09)

Tripoli, 14 June, 2021 (Lana) - The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Trade, “Dr. Suhail Bushiha,” held a meeting with the Department of International Cooperation in the Prime Minister’s Office, the Department of International Cooperation in the Ministry and the Committee’s delegates on behalf of ministries, government agencies and interests, and the Central Bank of Libya and other national banks, during which the files and issues targeted in the committee’s meetings were discussed. The 11th session of the Libyan-Egyptian High Committee, will be held in the near future.

The attendees also reviewed bilateral agreements concluded between the two countries in all sectors and the possibility of evaluating and developing them and discussing deficiencies in their implementation, especially the binding ones.

The meeting also discussed a number of outstanding issues and files between the two countries in several fields and ways to address them.

The participants stressed the great interest in the agreements that directly affect the citizen related to "residence, work, movement and ownership" known as the Four Freedoms Agreement and the Agreement on the Transport of Goods and Passengers.