British ministers say that international community has a real desire to stabilize Libya and push for elections.

Published On(2021-06-10 17:11:29)

Tripoli, 10 June, 2021 (Lana) - Minister of Interior, Brigadier General "Khaled Mazen", met Thursday, at the Ministry's office in Tripoli, with the British Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace and the Minister of State for Middle East and African Affairs, James Cleverly, who are on an official visit to Libya.

At the beginning of the meeting, the two British ministers offered condolences to the Minister of the Interior for the victims of the terrorist bombing that targeted a security gate in the city of Sabha, praising the efforts made by the Minister in his work to secure the upcoming electoral process.

The British Minister of State for Middle East and African Affairs, "Cleverly", stated that the international community has a real desire to stabilize Libya and push for the elections that it will witness in order to bring the country to safety.

For his part, British Defense Minister, Ben Wallace stated that work is underway to coordinate training programmes in the field of combating terrorism and illegal immigration, adding that Europe and the United Kingdom have been affected by illegal immigration and that combating it is a joint responsibility.

In turn, according to the official page of the Ministry of Interior, Brig Gen Khaled Mazen assured the British delegation that Libya will be a stable country with the efforts of the Ministry of Interior and the Government of National Unity with the help of friendly countries in order to achieve this goal.

The minister explained that Libya is a vast country enjoying an important strategic location, which calls for the need to support stability in it, pointing out that one of the priorities of the Ministry of Interior is to follow up on the file of illegal immigration and human trafficking.

He said, "We are looking forward to a partnership with the United Kingdom to reduce this phenomenon, which has also affected it due to the influx of immigrants and the presence of a large number of them in the United Kingdom.

The Minister also reviewed during the meeting the situation that the State of Libya is going through as a result of the phenomenon of migration and the presence of large numbers of migrants inside Libya, numbering about (700) thousand illegal immigrants, and the security, economic and political challenges facing the country, which require support from European countries as they suffers great harm in this regard, and that Libya is not a country of destination for them, but rather a country of transit towards European countries.

Mazen expressed the Ministry of Interior's aspiration to get technical support in the fight against terrorism, drugs, human trafficking and illegal immigration, explaining that this support will be provided to the General Administration of Desert Patrols to control security in the desert and at the borders, which will be implemented within the framework of international agreements agreed upon with Europe. and the European Union Commission.