Security forces in the eastern region and efforts to raise the level of security work to serve interests of country and public.

Published On(2021-06-10 17:01:15)

Tripoli, 10 June, 2021 (Lana) - Minister of Interior, Brig Gen "Khaled Mazen", met Thursday morning at the Ministry's office in Tripoli, the Undersecretary of the Ministry for Technical Affairs, "Faraj Aqaim al-Abdali" in the presence of the Director of Benghazi Security, Brigadier Fayez al-Shalmani.

The Minister was briefed by the Undersecretary about the progress of security work in the region and the efforts that have been made and are still being made in order to raise the level of security work to serve the public interest of the country and the public.

The meeting dealt with security situation in the eastern region and the efforts made by the security directorates and security services in maintaining security and standing up to the problems and obstacles facing the progress of security work and finding solutions to them, as well as discussing several other security issues of concern to the internal affairs of the Ministry of Interior and overcoming all difficulties that hinder the progress of work for some members of Police and Components Authority of the Ministry in the Eastern Region.

According to the official page of the ministry, the meeting dealt with the assertion that the Ministry of Interior is far from political disputes and that the police and security forces in all parts of Libya have been entrusted with the tasks of maintaining security, maintaining the security and safety of the public and fighting all forms of crime, and this only comes through concerted efforts and unity in order to impose security in all parts of the country.