Al Sayeh: We are Putting Final Touches to Dec.24 Elections.

Published On(2021-05-18 15:39:28)

Tripoli, 18 May 2021(Lana) President of National Election Commission Emad Al Sayeh said the Commission was putting the final touches to the Dec.24 elections, highlighting an international desire to hold elections on the set time to restore stability to Libya.

In remarks to local television channels, Al Sayeh said ‘the plan set by the Commission for the Dec.24 event will start by June 1st, indicating that it involved more than 120 technical processes, the largest compared to last elections.

Al Sayeh noted that the Commission expected the Government to live up to its promise, to provide funds to the Commission to carry out the election process on Dec.24.

Speaking about the security situation requirements for the elections, Al Sayeh said this process involves securing the elections by 70% , while the remaining 30% would be the responsibility of security apparatus of different kinds, indicating that the desire of the public opinion and general public to see these elections are a factor in bringing in a positive environment to make a successful vote.

As for the international community commitment to this process, Al Sayeh said ‘the international desire represented in the Resolution No. 2075 was clear in its own right, considering that the resolution reflected the international community’s desire to restore stability to Libya by peaceful means.