The Foreign Minister calls on the countries of origin of illegal immigration to reach an understanding with Libya to return their citizens to them in dignity and humanity, and asks the Europeans to abide by their agreements signed with Libya.

Published On(2021-05-09 16:53:52)

Tripoli, May 9, 2021  (LANA) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Najla Al-Manqoush began an inspection visit to the southern border areas, during which she met the Al-Qatrun municipality and officials at the crossing, where upon her arrival at Al-Qatrun municipality she was received by the Speaker of Parliament, Saleh Qalma, and a member of the Supreme Council of State. Al-Taher Al-Makni, in addition to a number of officials in the municipality.

The minister participated in a number of videos in the municipality and listened to an explanation of the problems

Citizens suffer from a lack of services and poor services in the living situation, and the Minister pledged to transfer the suffering of citizens in the municipality to the Council of Ministers to find solutions to it.

The minister went to the al-Toum border crossing with Niger and met with officials at the crossing and its workers, and during her tour, she delivered a speech in which she thanked the soldiers at the crossing for their efforts, pledging to them to strengthen the Libyan presence and support them in this sensitive period that requires the upholding of the national interest.

She said that the situation in Libya today is not the same as it was ten years ago, calling on neighboring countries to put in place regional mechanisms to combat smuggling, migration and human trafficking urgently, stressing that during the coming period they will undertake bilateral visits to countries of origin for migration, and to countries whose citizens are victims of trafficking in order to invite them to understandings, and bilateral-ism with Libya, to return their citizens to them with dignity and humanity, explaining that it will submit to the House of Representatives a draft law that would tighten penalties for smugglers and human traffickers so that the penalties themselves would be a deterrent to all parties involved in smuggling.

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation via the International Information Network stated that the minister during her speech that the Libyans will not act as guards for Europe's borders, and Libya cannot be a transit point for suffering and persecution against our African brothers, calling on European countries to abide by and fulfill their agreements signed with Libya, especially since Libya has them. Balances with these countries, according to the signed agreements, are close to half a billion dollars allocated for border protection, while stressing the necessity of concluding electronic monitoring and information protection contracts. The security and stability of Libya can only be achieved by tight control over and securing the borders.