In a joint statement: Jadu Municipality and the Pandemic Control Committee confirm a significant decrease in the number of Covid-19 infections.

Published On(2021-05-09 16:43:37)

Jadu, 9 May , 2021 (Lana) - The municipal council and the supreme committee to combat the Corona epidemic in the municipality of Jadu confirmed a significant decrease in infections that is "zero", noting that the municipality had not recorded any cases of the Corona epidemic for nearly a week.

In a joint statement published on the municipality's official page, the council and the committee praised the efforts of the competent authorities and the response of the people of the city of Jadu and their commitment to the precautionary measures, especially wearing masks.

The statement said that the city avoided an epidemic catastrophe represented by the spread of community infection with the emerging Corona virus in the past two months.

The statement called on the citizens of Jadu to continue to adhere to the precautionary measures during the blessed Eid al-Fitr and to refrain from mixing, not to shake hands, and to avoid visiting the elderly to keep the level of the epidemic receding.

On April 25, the municipality of Jadu announced the launch of the national campaign for vaccination against Coronavirus in the municipality with three vaccination centers: the Jadu Health Care Unit, the Jadu Health Care Center, and the Shakshuk Health Center.

The municipality said in a statement, that the vaccinations will be done according to the statements contained in the system announced during the past days, explaining that the vaccination for the rest of the groups will be according to what will be announced and received from the National Center for Disease Control.