European source: The United Nations is in dialogue with several countries individually to send a ceasefire monitoring mission to Libya.

Published On(2021-05-05 22:27:38)

Rome, May 05, 2021 (LANA) - An Informed European source confirmed that the commander of the "IRINI" maritime operation, which monitors the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution banning the supply of weapons to Libya, will soon travel to the capital, Tripoli, to discuss the possibility of returning to training the Libyan Coast Guard forces.

The source, who requested anonymity, said in statements to the Italian "Aki" news agency, that the training of the Libyan Coast Guard personnel is mainly part of the tasks assigned to the IRINI maritime operation operating in the central Mediterranean.

The source indicated that the commander of Operation IRINI will discuss the matter with the new Libyan authorities, stressing that the training has been suspended for a year and that its resumption is important to us, he said.

The European Union had decided to extend the mission of the IRINI naval operation for an additional two years.

The source indicated that despite the difficulties and obstacles, the crews of this operation are still carrying out their duties and giving results in the field of investigating violations of the United Nations resolution and inspecting ships suspected of violating this.

The source reiterated the European Union’s support for the new Libyan authorities and the UN’s work there.

As for the possibility of the European Union participating in a ceasefire monitoring mission in Libya, the source acknowledged that the United Nations is in dialogue with several countries individually, including member states of the European Union.