Editor: Lana Journalists Congratulate Colleagues on World Journalism Day, Express Surprise Over Ignoring Them.

Published On(2021-05-04 17:36:54)

Tripoli, 4 May 2021(Lana) Lana journalists are extending congratulations to their colleagues on marking of the World Journalism Day, wishing Libyan journalists a fruitful future in an environment that respects and protects rights of journalists to perform their mission with professionalism, objectivity and neutrality Lana editor said in a comment on the event.

However the Editor said they regretted that Lana was ignored at an official event staged to mark the Journalism Day to which the Agency was not invited by organizers despite being a vocal voice and a professional body carrying the message of journalism for over 56 years.

The Editor said Lana takes credit for creating professional journalists and personalities who had assumed prominent post in the country, and successfully fought against sectarianism, incitement and division among Libyans.

However, the Editor said Lana was committed to a professional patriot journalism which promote values of freedom, dignity and the rule of law and welcomes the event staged by the Government to honour veteran journalists as a beacon of hope for journalists in Libya who have for a long period of time been ostracized and shunned by respective governments