The National Unity Government is following the campaign to remove slums and discusses alternative solutions that preserve decent livelihoods for citizens.

Published On(2021-05-02 16:27:45)

Tripoli, 2 May , 2021 (Lana) - The Prime Minister of the National Unity Government “Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba” held an expanded meeting that included the Finance Ministers “Khaled Abdullah” and the Local Government “Badr Al-Din Al-Toumi” and the State for the Affairs of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers “Adel Jumaa”. The removal campaign carried out by the General Services Company for slums, appendages, and all existing structures bypassing the road and public space.

 The meeting, which was attended by the mayors of the municipalities of Abu Salim "Abd al-Rahman al-Hamidi," and the Andalus neighborhood "Muhammad al-Futaisi" also dealt with the follow-up of the campaign to remove random buildings in some areas of the capital, Tripoli.

 The President emphasized the need to respect the laws related to construction, provided that studying how to provide alternatives that preserve decent livelihoods for citizens whose homes were removed due to their violation of laws