US Ambassador to Libya meets in Tunisia, President of the Libyan Tabu Congress.

Published On(2021-04-22 22:11:33)

Tunis, April 22, 2021 (Lana) - The American ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, met on Tuesday with the President of the Tabu Conference, Issa Abdel-Majid Al-Mansour, in the Tunisian capital, where they discussed the election files and the security situation in southern Libya.

The website of the US Embassy via the International Information Network stated that Ambassador Norland discussed with Mansour the importance of representing all spectrums of the Libyan people in the upcoming elections, and the need to hold them on the date set on the 24th of next December.

The embassy published Al-Mansour saying that: (He expressed his concern about the support of some external parties, such as Russian Wagner mercenaries, in Libya, to support military operations in Chad from Libyan lands).

For its part, the embassy indicated that the recent attack by Chadian rebels on the capital "N'Djamena", once again highlights the need to consolidate Libyan sovereignty. In order to be able to control its borders, through comprehensive national elections.