Al-Koni salutes Germany's stance in support of Libya

Published On(2021-04-20 20:38:22)

 Tripoli, 20 April, 2021 (Lana) - Member of the Presidential Council, Musa Al-Koni, hailed Germany's position in support of the paths of Libyan political dialogue and reaching an agreement between the Libyan parties, and its interest in supporting efforts to confront the Corona pandemic in Libya, by helping to provide the vaccine and obtain refrigerants for preserving Vaccines for all Libyan cities and regions, especially cities in the south, in cooperation with UNICEF.

Al-Koni said during his meeting, Tuesday, in Tripoli, with the German ambassador to Libya, Oliver Ovtsha, that the arrival of the legal committee emanating from the Libyan Dialogue Forum to reach a constitutional base for the elections is a necessary step for the culmination of all the efforts that the countries supporting the political process in Libya, including Germany, have changed.

 In turn, the German ambassador renewed his country's support for the Presidency Council and the national unity government, stressing all the steps that have been taken so far in the files of national reconciliation and unifying state institutions, leading to the elections in December.

In a tweet on his personal account on Twitter, Ambassador Oliver Ovtsha described his meeting with Al-Koni as friendly and constructive, and during which we discussed recent political developments and bilateral cooperation, and emphasized the need for a legal base in time to hold national elections. =Lana=