Al Dbeiba Our Relations with Brotherly and Friendly Countries Based on Protection of Libya’s Sovereignty and Economic Unity.

Published On(2021-04-13 18:01:40)

Ankara, 13 April 2021(Lana) The Head of National Unity Government Abdul Hamid Al Dbeiba has underscored importance of preserving Libya’s sovereignty and economic unity which he said will be basis of relations with ‘brotherly and friendly countries.’ 

According to the Turkish Anadolu news agency, Al Dbeiba said at a joint press conference with President Erdogan here on Monday, Libya would launch several reconstruction projects, and wished Turkish companies execute them, and to upgrade exchange in the area of energy.

‘Libya wants our relationship to reach exemplary level, and also with neighboring and brotherly countries, Al Dbeiba said.

He revealed that an understanding has been reached with Turkey to resume Turkish flights to Libya.