UK plans 4 Billion Aid Cut to African States Including Libya.

Published On(2021-03-07 16:29:09)

London 7 March 2021(Lana) The British Government is planning to cut foreign aid to a number of Middle East and North African African countries including Libya, according to a leaked e letter details of which were published by the BBC on Saturday in line with an overall cuts of foreign aid by 4 billion in 2021-22.

The document dated in February said aid to Libya could fall by 63, Lebanon by 88 per cent, Syria by 67 per cent, according to figures leaked to ‘Open Democracy’, a UK-based political website. Lebanon, Syria and Libya could lose at least 63 per cent of British aid, the letter said.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Britain’s aid contribution would be almost wiped out – with a cut of 93 per cent being considered, it added.