High Council of State, calls on members of Parliament to uphold the interests of the homeland, and to meet to give confidence to the new government.

Published On(2021-03-02 12:25:29)

Tripoli, 2 March, 2021 (Lana) - The High Council of State held its 58th regular session Monday, in the capital, Tripoli, under the chairmanship of Council Chairman Khaled Al-Mashri 

They discussed the latest developments in the political dialogue with its tracks related to executive power and sovereign positions in addition to the constitutional track.

According to the Media Office of the High Council of State, the Council affirmed during the session its support for political dialogue as a real option for resolving the crisis. As for the suspicions of corruption mentioned in the report of the expert committee set up by the Security Council regarding the voting process at the Dialogue Forum; the Council called on the United Nations to reveal the facts to the Libyan people, and if there are really suspicions of corruption, they should be made clear, because this issue affects the council and its members.

The Council also called on the members of the House of Representatives to give priority to the interest of the homeland and to meet to give confidence to the new government, at the same time asking Mr. Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba to present his government as soon as possible with the names, expressing his support for the formed government of whatever form, provided that it is formed according to the agreed road map .