An all out strike by the unions of the Libyan Ground Services Company at the airports of Mitiga, Sebha, Zattan and Misurata.

Published On(2021-03-02 12:20:59)

Tripoli 2 March 2021 (Lana) - The main unions of the Libyan Ground Services Company at the airport sites of Mitiga, Sebha, Zintan and Misurata announced their intention to enter into an all out strike and stop operating from March 10 due to the delay of their salaries for 24 months. 

 The unions confirmed in a circular issued, Monday, that the strike will be open and comprehensive, not stopping the movement, until the implementation of their legitimate demands.

The unions blamed the Minister of Finance in the Government of National Accord for the strike, as it did not implement the instructions of the Presidential Council, in its capacity as the supreme authority of the country, to include their late salaries within the Ministry of Transportation.