Mnifi, calls on the mission to invite the Security Council to issue a resolution emphasizing the importance of respecting and accepting the results of the elections that were held at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.

Published On(2021-02-25 18:20:28)

Tripoli, February 25, 2021 (LANA) - The new President of the Presidency Council, Muhammad Al-Mnifi, affirmed that dialogue is the only appropriate, and optimal way out of the crisis in Libya, stressing that the steps of the Presidency Council are credible, verifiable and sequenced according to the Berlin outputs and according to the map that was made. Agreeing on it at the Libyan political dialogue forum within a specific time context and specific tasks.

This came during the participation of Mnifi accompanied by the prime minister, "Abdul Hamid Dbaiba", through "zoom" App. in the seventh virtual meeting of the political working group of the international follow-up group on Libya, at the invitation of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, which co-chaired and attended

 In his speech to the meeting, Mnifi stressed that the council will seek to reinforce the ceasefire, stop all hostilities on all Libyan soil, and make room for the military committee (5 + 5) while providing all means of support for the unification of the military institution, and will also seek to the establishment of the National Reconciliation Commission as the beginning of the establishment of the rules of national reconciliation with the provision of appropriate conditions and the appropriate climate through visiting the East and some meetings with the social forces in the West, and will have visits to the South to urge them to comprehensive national reconciliation, reduce hate speech and give priority to the language of tolerance, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Al-Mnifi also affirmed the council’s keenness to coordinate with the prime minister in order to improve living conditions and provide basic truces to citizens, indicating that all these measures and steps aim in their entirety to achieve a major and fundamental goal for the elected Presidency Council, which is to reach the elections process at the end of next December, and will work to overcome all difficulties, whether security, service or technical.

In his speech, the President of the Council called on the United Nations Mission in Libya to continue support and assistance regarding military arrangements, both in working to sustain the ceasefire, disarming, integrating qualified personnel into civil, security and military institutions, and continuing to monitor the (5 + 5) path and call on the Security Council to impose sanctions on whoever is found violating the ceasefire arrangements.

Mnifi pledged to the Council's commitment and respect to the arms embargo contained in Security Council Resolution No. 1970 of 2011, its implementation and subsequent decisions in particular, and its support to restore, respect and protect the integrity, and legal rule of all Libyan sovereign institutions, especially the Central Bank of Libya, the Libyan Investment Authority, the National Oil Corporation, administrative control and the Audit Bureau, as well as supporting it in providing technical assistance to improve transparency, accountability and effectiveness in the performance of institutions.

The President of the Presidency Council concluded his speech by calling on the mission to support the new executive authority and confirming its legitimacy by calling on the Security Council to pass a resolution affirming the importance of respecting and accepting the results of the elections held at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.