Senators and US representatives present a bill that places specific sanctions on all parties that could obstruct a political solution in Libya.

Published On(2021-02-24 17:58:28)

Washington, February 24, 2021 (LANA) - US senators and lawmakers have submitted a bill that places specific sanctions on all international and domestic parties and individuals that could impede a political solution in Libya.

The bill was put forward again by four members of the US Senate State Committee and the same number from the House of Representatives under the name of the Libya Stability Support Act.

The American-Libyan coalition said that it is closely and delusively following the Libya stabilization bill in the US Congress and that it hopes the project will develop into a law and join its counterpart in the Senate.

Last November, the US House of Representatives passed a law “Supporting stability in Libya and advancing the efforts of the UN mission by imposing severe sanctions on international and local parties, Libyan individuals and foreigners involved in actions that may destabilize Libya.