Libya's Permanent Representative to United Nations calls on Security Council to issue a resolution consolidating ceasefire

Published On(2021-01-29 19:34:45)

New York, 29 January, 2021 (Lana) - Libya's permanent representative to the United Nations, Taher Al-Sunni, called for a Security Council resolution consolidating the ceasefire, supporting the political track, holding the spoilers accountable, and supporting the holding of elections on the set date.  

In his speech before the Security Council during its session devoted to discussing the situation in Libya, Thursday, Al-Sunni welcomed the recent change of positions of several countries, their display of goodwill and extended their hand to all Libyans, away from fueling the conflict or supporting it.

He praised the positions of friendly and brotherly countries that had made several initiatives to unite the Libyans, especially the neighboring countries of Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt, and before them, brotherly Morocco, which was the host of the Libyan political Accord.

 In his speech, Al-Sunni clarified that these efforts coincided with our vision that the peaceful option is the only way towards resolving the crisis and building the civil democratic state, the Libyans aspire to.

 He said that ensuring the implementation of the provisions of the agreement on the work of the Joint Military Committee in order to reach a permanent ceasefire depends primarily on strengthening and building of confidence, and showing good intentions after losing this confidence due to the events in Tripoli and its suburbs.

Al-Sunni stressed that the request for the exit of foreign forces, mercenaries, and armed groups of all kinds, which are outside the legitimacy of the state, is a sovereign and patriotic demand that is unmistakable, and it must be associated with disarming them, so that they do not turn into a new source of threat anywhere, especially in neighbouring countries. and Sahel countries. Al-Sunni said that this request must be adhered to first and foremost by the countries that imposed themselves and tried to support the coup against a government that you recognize, and these countries brought us into proxy wars which its fuel was and still is our youth.

The Libyan delegate explained that we are seeking today a new important and decisive phase that requires the Security Council to invest it in a way that strongly supports the ceasefire agreement, so that it is sustainable and based on solid foundations, and that the provocation does not continue with the establishment of fortifications, trenches and the planting of mines.