Baiou agreed with Dhau Al-Mansoori, to start producing and broadcasting many programmes and radio seminars dealing with constitution in all its aspects.

Published On(2021-01-23 22:52:16)

Tripoli, 23 January, 2021 (Lana) Head of the Libyan Information Authority, Mohammad Omar Baiu, agreed with the member of the Constituent Assembly for drafting the constitution, Mr. “Dhau Mansouri Aoun” to start producing and broadcasting many programmes and radio seminars through the media affiliated to the authority, dealing with the constitution from all Its aspects, through analysis, commentary and critique by specialists and experts, with the participation of the members of the Commission to inform the Libyan people of the facts to achieve this entitlement.  

This came during the meeting held Saturday morning at the Authority's headquarters in Tripoli, attended by Director General of Libya’s National Channel, Dr. Khaled Ghulam, which focused on the role of the national media in raising awareness of importance of participating in the referendum on this historic entitlement.

A member of the founding body, Mr. "Dhau Al-Mansoori Aoun", after handed a copy of the draft constitution  to president of the Authority, Mohamed Baiu -  requested contribution of the national media affiliated to the Libyan Media in educating the public about the importance of participating in the referendum on the draft constitution  by the Libyan people during the coming period. 

The constitution was completed about two years ago and establishes the desired Libyan state - a state of freedom, democracy and prosperity.

For his part, the head of the Libyan Information Authority affirmed the national media's readiness to contribute positively and effectively to this historic event, appreciating the work done by the elected body of the Libyan people, and the efforts it made that resulted in this achievement, which is the draft constitution under exceptional circumstances in Libya.