President of Presidential Council congratulates municipality of Tripoli on passing of one hundred and fifty years since its establishment.

Published On(2021-01-23 22:50:43)

 Tripoli 23 January, 2021 (Lana) President of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord, Mr. Faiz Al-Sarraj, participated in the celebration of Tripoli municipality marking one hundred and fifty years since its establishment. 

The President delivered a speech on the occasion in which he referred to the junctions and experiences that the Tripoli municipality has gone through, through historical stages and eras.

Since its establishment in December 1870, it has succeeded in managing it, and he said that one who contemplates the path of the Tripoli municipality is aware of the development of services through the accumulated effort of those who have assumed responsibility for managing it since its establishment, which enabled the municipality to overcome many crises, obstacles and bottlenecks.

The President of the Presidential Council said, "The municipality of Tripoli has never been isolated from what is going on around it.

It is an effective contributor to the renaissance of the nation, as it is linked to the repercussions of the difficult circumstances the country is going through." In his speech, the President spoke about the importance of municipalities, as they are the base for decentralization, represent the reality of their social environment and are able to sense the needs of their citizens and their development options.

The President praised the elections held by the municipalities and continued to complete them under difficult circumstances, and said, "The municipalities have proven our ability to fulfill this entitlement throughout Libya, which is what we look forward to by conducting general presidential and legislative elections on the scheduled date on December 24, 2021."

The President expressed his hope that the municipality of Tripoli and all the municipalities of Libya would hold scientific forums that would undertake the preparation of researches that document the history of the municipalities and clarify the extent of originality and urbanization of our cities.

 He spoke about the necessity of the availability of financial resources and qualified human resources to meet the requirements of development and modernization, hoping that this would be achieved with the achievement of stability in the country.

At the end of his speech, the President congratulated the municipality of Tripoli on its anniversary, praising the efforts of its workers, and the number of some of the projects, programs and campaigns that it had implemented, wishing it more success.